Andrew's Veggieburgers

1 l dry soya beans
1 l dry lentils
1 l dry burger mix
4 l peeled potatoes
3 (red) onions
2 tbsp Plantaforce

Tamari to taste
Salt to taste
Buckwheat or chick pea flour to taste

Soak 1 litre dry soya beans in 1.5 litre water overnight. Add salt to taste & pressure cook for 1 hour, or simmer for 3 hours. Remove lid at once, allow to cool and let the steam escape.

Cook 1 litre dry lentils with 1.5 litre water and some Tamari soya sauce for 40 minutes. Remove lid at once, allow to cool and let the steam escape.

Boil 4 litre of peeled potatoes until cooked. Remove from saucepan when coked, put on pizza plates, allow to cool and let the steam escape.

Fry 3 onions gently in butter, until sweet.

Put all ingredients through a meat grinder. It helps to put 1 tbsp of Plantaforce in with half the potatoes, save them and then do the rest of the potatoes & Plantaforce.

Take half the cooked ingredients, add 3-5 dl burger mix, salt to taste and as much buckwheat flour or chick pea flour as is needed to make a firm dough. Then do the other half.

Fry a few burgers to see what they taste like, add salt etc. as necessary.

Form into burgers. If you put 2 sheets of greaseproof paper between each layer of burgers, you can put the whole lot in the freezer together and the paper will come away easily when all is frozen.

Makes 80-100 burgers.

Then take burgers from the freezer as needed, and fry them at once.

Tip: If you make sure that the beans, lentils & potatoes are able to dry off when cooked, you do not need to add so much flour to make the dough firm. The taste is much better if you do not add much flour.