Swedish version!

This page is dedicated to four people, who have had a significant influence on my life: Tarja, who got me to start dancing, Lena and Paul who taught me to dance, and Paula, who I met on the dance floor.

The Swedish dance-hall scene is worthy of an anthropological study. In most other countries, it would be regarded as being quite exotic. People in their best years adore a style which I would call jive, but the Swedish term is "bugg" (derived from Jitterbug).
Where else do you find people of all ages who enjoy the foxtrot? Even retired couples go out dancing every week, admittedly to events where there are not many younger people.

Colin Nutley is an expatriate Englishman and film director, best known for films like Änglagård (House of Angels). He found the dance band scene so fascinating that he made a film, Sista Dansen (The last dance) about it.
One of the neat things about Colin's work is that he tells the actors what he wants them to say in English. They then translate their lines into Swedish themselves, in their own words. The result is an exquisite observation of the way Swedes talk, think and interact.

I do not intend to compete with the experts, so I recommend you take a look at Andreas' site Andreas Danswebb,
the entertainment guide for West Sweden Nöjesguiden, Västra Sverige,
or the unsurpassable gossip magazine of the dance band scene, Får jag lov